52NEW ~ Fold a fitted sheet!

I might be a bit of a tomboy, and tend to shy away from the girly girly stuff but I do have a few weaknesses, one of which is bedding. I LOVE duvet covers, bed spreads and pillow cases! I could look at shams forever and positively go weak for a wonderful throw or blanket! I would be “that person” the one that actually changes her duvet covers to go with the seasons, even in the guest room, if I had the budget. BUT there is one thing I have never mastered.  FOLDING the fitted sheet!!! They always end up in a scrunched up pile often left in the laundry basket. Sometime I don’t even know if it’s been cleaned or not so it gets tossed into the wash again! This is where the wonderful ladies at Olive and Elle have stepped up to the plate and voluntered to teach me how to fold a fitted sheet.

First I get a demonstration:

Now it’s my turn:

 Truth: I’m kind of shocked at how easy it was to learn to do! 

Another great pointer is once you can fold them nicely a great way to store your sheets is all together inside a pillow case!

To summarize:

Slip your hand into 2 top corners of the sheet.
With one hand inside each of the top 2 corners, fold the sheet (right sides together). Slip each of the top corners into one of the bottom corners.

Lay sheet on bed or table. Arrange and fold the corners neatly. Turn in selvage edges enough to make 4 straight sides.

Fold in half, then in half again. (All four corners will be stacked together, and sheet will be in a long strip.

Then fold the long strip in half, then in half (or thirds, depending on the size of the sheet) again to make a square.

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