Well it looks like I can add “National Record Holder” to my resume!

I never expect this when I started powerlifting… and my trainer say’s we are only just beginning. It shall be interesting to see where this road leads!

At the Calgary Festival of Strength on October 13th

Back Squat – 295lbs (National Record – for age/weight)

Bench Press – 165lbs (Tied National Record – for age/weight)

Deadlift – 308lbs (Personal Best)

Plus won “Best Lifter” (Female) the best lifter prize is based on a mathematical formula that factors in your body weight vs how much you lift. I NEVER thought I would win this because I am in the heaviest weight class.)

One of the reasons this is such a big deal for me is that athlete’s leave me in total awe. As a radio host I have had many chances to interview and talk to all sorts of elite athletes and it has always been the most intimidating things I have had to do. I have also hosted many athletic achievement night and in my opening remarks say…

“When I was younger I could always imagine winning an Oscar and rubbing elbows with entertainment celebrities, but the thought of having the honour of spending time with elite athletes left me shaking in my boots.”

Here I am. Perhaps not an “elite” athlete and the Olympics are not in my future, but I can say that I am a national record holder in a sport.

I have to tell you… it feels really good 🙂

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