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Ten Good Things That Happened (So Far) This Year

Ten Good Things That Happened This Year Someone posted a huge list of GOOD things that have happened in the world this year.  So if you’re sick of all the negativity, here are ten things from the list that are pretty amazing . . . 1.  Scientists may have found the gene responsible for ALS.  And funding for the study […]


Help Me… Help Me…

“Help Me… Help Me…” Words I can’t get out of my head. On the weekend I was at a triathlon, a wonderfully organized event targeted at beginners just starting into the crazy world of tri’s. “Help Me… Help Me..” The pool was full of people challenging themselves for the first time or even elites doing it just for the joy […]


Not Gonna Happen

Today I tweeted: Sometimes the “Yes You Can’s” turn into “Not Gonna Happens.” Your job is to find peace with that and live live to the fullest.  Apparently I have a few issues. I woke up this morning to a pretty cool realization, I traded in a few goals/dreams in order to make other goals/dreams bigger and better. Some of […]