Some nights are just made for walking!

Before my job required a thinking. functioning, smiling human in the wee hours of the morning, I was a night owl. I always have been. Something about the middle of the night makes me feel everything so much more. Sorrow, joy, frustration, glee it’s all magnified, it also is a time where I do my best creative thinking and problem solving. Rarely anymore do I get the opportunity to embrace those post midnight hours.

Friday night was different.

For the first time in awhile I didn’t have an early Saturday morning to deal with, the moon was full and the it was a very mild fall night.


I gathered the leashes and took Misty and Tink for a late night walk. Down the street and around the bend, you see the usually late night suspects, the partiers still going strong, the broken hearted, the lonely, the new love blooming, and the lost. The shades of night always give new dimension to everything around you. At one moment you are at ease, the next your senses tingle and the vein of experience pulses to tell you to turn right rather than left.

My walk took me to “tug boat” beach.

The pups and I walked along the shore and gazed out at the water, so still, with the moonlight reflecting in the water.  Simply beautiful.  I stop and gaze, pondering life and the journey I am on.

SPLASH – What the…??

Apparently someone was trying to be funny and tossed a boulder into the water from behind me, and it was a BIG boulder with a splash like that!

SPLASH – Seriously?

I turn around. No one is there.. I glance out to the water and I am met with 2 glowing eyes looking back at me. Misty stood on her hind feet and gazed into the water for a solid 45 seconds while my brain registers that I am looking at Ogopogo.


Maybe not. Could it be a BEAVER?

It was! Of all the things I was prepared to deal with a Canada’s animal of choice the “beaver” was not what I was expecting to deal with! It paced us along the beach as I got the pups and I moving again. My mind at this point is trying to recall if I had ever heard of a beaver attack!

We escape unscathed.

I did some quick research and discovered that beavers do live in that area of Kelowna and beavers can get nasty! Beavers don’t usually attack unless provoked, but they can kill a dog, especially if the dog is in the water with it!

Here is some beaver footage.. but I don’t think it’s the beaver that had the pleasure of giving me a fright!

In unrelated beaver news…

On Sunday Steve and I went to a fundraiser of the John Howards Society called “Rock the House” it was the first in what will hopefully be an annual event, and it was a blast! While I have worked at a curling rink I had never actually curled before! Just to show you it can be done, I have this video for you!

If you get the chance please support The John Howard Society’s new coffee house “One Cup at a Time” it has soup, sandwiches from Bliss Bakery, organic Cherry Hill coffee, and snacks! (hint: Friday afternoons any baked goods that haven’t sold go for 1/2 price!) This establishment will be a wonderful place (not only for us) but for people using the John Howard Society that are looking to learn new skills!

That was my weekend in a nutshell.. how was yours?