Bruises, Tears and Smiles

Saturday was my first really tough day in the Tour de Victoria training clinic with Trek Procity.

I promised you an honest account of my training for the big day, so if you are thinking about it and wondering what it’s REALLY like you would know.

  • Cry count: 1.5
  • Fall count: 2
  • Thinking I should quit: 0
  • Moment of pride: 3

Saturday was our first hill and the hill of choice was Gonzales Hill (Observatory Hill) we rode there from Trek on Catherine Street. I started the ride by falling over in the parking lot. Yup, before we even set out I managed to tip over. Everyone had gone but Bill (from Trek) who usually rides in the back of the pack to make sure we are all safe and no one gets left behind.. needless to say I spend a fair amount of time with Bill.

UGH. Here I am, on the ground, Bill asking if I am okay and me trying not to burst into tears out of pure embarrassment. Deep breath, take a beat, tell Bill I am fine (having no idea if I really am) and back on my bike to catch up with the group.

I know I have to calm down my brain so I can calm down the rest of me to not freak out on this ride, and I actually do a pretty good job of that.

Off we go!

And go.. and go,, and up some hills.. across some roads.. around some construction.. up more hills.. over a bridge.. The warm up is feeling like the training at this point and by the time we arrive at the bottom of Gonzales Hill I admit to being a little shook.

In the distance I see the group waiting for my arrival, and I am happy to be joining them.. wait.. I have to stop … wait .. WHAT Sidewalk.. NOT STOPPING.. PANIC PANIC PANIC.

I would say I fell “off” my bike, but when you are clipped in, and don’t get unclipped intime, you don’t “fall off,” you fall OVER with the bike still attached.

Good news: The group was in shock as I SLOWLY tipped over and hit the ground, as they said it was confusing to watch because it was actually pretty graceful and they didn’t fully comprehend that I was going to hit the ground.  I did.

Everyone confirmed I was okay, and in good spirits.. after which picture were taken. Please see evidence below.. where someone on my Instagram pointed out that one of the pictures looked like a piece of 3D chalk art you often see from a street artist. That’s right – I’m ART!

Still to come.. I meet an angel, I attempt the hill, and what happens if one foot clips in and the other doesn’t.. and you do it anyway.