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Halloween Flame Thrower 52NEW (3)

First the supplies…. Next the helper… Volia! If you do this remember saftey first.. do NOT do this indoors and make sure you don’t have it anywhere near kids.. or anything else flammable. Happy Halloween! Here is how to do it start to finish!    


52NEW National Record Holder (2)

Well it looks like I can add “National Record Holder” to my resume! I never expect this when I started powerlifting… and my trainer say’s we are only just beginning. It shall be interesting to see where this road leads! At the Calgary Festival of Strength on October 13th Back Squat – 295lbs (National Record – for age/weight) Bench Press […]


52 NEW Combine Adventure (1)

While I wouldn’t describe myself as a “city slicker” I am not a full on “farm girl” either. I was lucky enough to spend a few summers spending a considerable amount of time on a farm where I took riding lessons and mucked out more then a few stalls, and have always swayed more to being a “tom boy” but […]


52NEW ~ Who really needs a toaster oven…

No toaster oven and you really don’t want to break out the frying pan… But you are craving a grill cheese sandwich. What is a girl to do?? After Ian Mackinnon posted this picture on facebook I had a plan! You guessed it.. I put it to the test! Here is how it worked out:


52 NEW ~ A Tattoo story. My “Time Stamps.”

It’s a tattoo story…   I have been fascinated by tattoo’s ever since I can remember, I always wondered about the stories they told and loved the “bad ass” feel. While I enjoyed sneaking a peak at the stereotypical tattoo’ed dude that came my way I was fascinated by the not so typical tattoo’ed people that would cross my path, […]


52NEW ~ Speed Skating!

I come from a family that plays on ice, Mom was a figure skater,  my sister played ringett,  my Grandpa was a skate sharpener and ran the rink in northern Ontario.  I on the other hand have weak ankles, so I generally focused on sports that didn’t require skates. And yet..  I love the sound of blades on ice, the […]