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I came, I saw, I lifted and I didn’t poop my pants.

This weekend was the “Urban Athletic Games” (Formarly Calgary Festival of Strength) It’s a fun event, this year they had Crossfit, Strongman and Powerlifting going at the same time. It’s loud, fun, and you have to dodge protein induced flatulence which while disgusting can also lead to massive giggles. I was pretty nervous going in. I had only been lifting heavy […]


What’s your limiting factor?

limiting factor noun 1.  Physiology . the slowest, therefore rate-limiting, step in a process or reaction involving several steps. 2.  Biology . an environmental factor that tends to limit population size.     I have a bit of a knee issue, it’s actually an old logging injury from when I lived in Squamish… that is a blog for another day. While it gets back to normal I have (OK Michele has) stripped the weight down on the bar and it’s all about technique. Which […]


I lift heavy…for a person.

I follow a bunch of athlete’s on instagram, one of which appears pretty hard core, (Bobby Ashhurst) today he posted a picture that said.. “Better sore than sorry” and “deadlift, because somewhere a girl is warming up with your max weight.” Are you kidding me? Here is the conversation that followed: susanknight: Because somewhere a girl is warming up with your […]