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Well hello 2014.. here is what I pledge to you

Resolutions are a pain in the butt. I know plenty of people who say yearly resolutions don’t work or doing them once a year is a set up for failure, but I don’t think so. I think we tend to attack them in ginormous chunks, so either our resolutions are too broad with no specific goals; Example: In 2014 I […]


Day 18 ~ Christmas Countdown of my Favourite Things

When you think marshmallow chances are good you are thinking of the bags you buy at the grocery store. Something like this: Well my friends, let me tell you a secret. While the above marshmallow is perhaps great around the campfire.. or for firing from a marshmallow gun. Yes, those are real. There is another wonderful “Marshmallow World.” … and […]


Fad Diets. Are they ever worth it?

Here is something that I have figured out. There is a time and a place for a “fad diet.” GASP. WHAT? Yes. There. Is. We often have a special day that for one reason or another we feel the need to be “skinny” for. Just please go in with your eyes open. Chances are very very good that the weight […]


Weigh in #1

I stood on the scale today. Why? I have a weight category I want to be in at the Powerlifting Nationals in 2014. Let’s just say.. I have put on a TON of muscle… Yeah, that’s it.  BTW: I PROMISE this blog won’t all be about weight, but it’s part of my journey so therefor it’s going to be part of the […]