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Day 5

Working out and standing on the scale? Please DO NOT judge your success on that number. Here is why: Disclaimer: I may blog about this.. but trust me… I have a hard time wrapping my head around it as well.


Thigh chafing blues. SOLUTION!

I am a sturdy girl. Not at my ideal weight yet and even if I was I would have thighs like tree trunks. I am a powerlifter and I am OK with this; BUT it does lead to some chafing issues. I do plan on still doing the odd triathlon and cardio is important from a health perspective, so I run and […]


Savoury Adzuki Bean and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie (52NEW #6)

I promised to share a few of the recipes I am trying this week… The first one is; Savoury Adzuki Bean and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie! You can find it in the Whole Life Nutrtion Cookbook. I strongly recommend this cookbook to anyone that is moving their diet towards “whole foods” and “clean eating.” Here is what it looked like: One small problem.. […]


How to get seeds out of the pomegranate! (52NEW 4&5)

I have smoothies daily and now that I am really focused on “whole foods” they are made from scratch. One of these smoothies has pomegranate seeds in it.. and traditionally I make one big mess. So I went in search of ways to do it better. I found two that seemed worth a shot. The first try involves a bowl […]