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Day 1 of the Christmas countdown!

Every year around this time I do a Christmas countdown featuring some of my favourite things! You can take them as gift ideas for someone who is tough to buy for.. or perhaps something for you! This year I start with a personal connection! I worked with Tarzan Dan Freeman in Kelowna for 6 years or so.. along with his […]


I hate warehouse shopping. No deal makes the smell better.

We all have something that we will pay a bit more money for; yes even you, the coupon clipping warehouse shopping thrifty person.  It is simple in my world. I will pay more for: SERVICE.  This is bad. Very, very, very, bad; because everything is affected by service from cars to candles. I love to shop in boutiques and appreciate […]



OK.. before I get into the sprinting stuff just an FYI: Thursday morning I woke up and my inner 13 year old was screaming, pissed off and irrational, all be it for a good reason. I promise a blog on that bit of fun later.    Now my “Sprint Mechanics Session” with the lovely Valentina Romanov. (Great name eh?) I was […]


Drive for 45 ~ Day 8 & 9

I have been a sick all Easter weekend. I don’t get sick often so I am a major wimp when it does strike.. so I have been whining and sleeping the weekend away. I did manage to get one important thing done! Meet my new running shoes! This time I am trying a pair of Brooks called Ghost 5.. a […]


Day 3

I’m sick. In bed. YUCK. So here is a bunny on a hoodie. Maybe this is why some people call Hoodies, bunny hugs! If you would like to call this beauty yours you can find it here —->  Awesome giant bunny head hoodie.