Day 20

One of the constants of life in Calgary is the bright sunshine! Which is awesome.. unless it is in your eyes as you come around the corner onto Crowchild mid morning, being blind while merging onto a major artery is bad. Very. Very. Very. Bad.


Fancy, schmancy sunglasses from my favourite optical store Bankers Vision! Bonus, they have a holiday special so they are 50% off 🙂

They carry all the best brands… but I know the cool kids are digging shades like these:



You are also supporting Canadian Olympic Skier Jan Hudec  as he is the “eye” behind this great business!


Day 21

Have a crossword loving person on your Christmas list, or just a vocabulary lover?

This gadget has actually won “gift of the year!”

I love that it is thin enough that you can use it as a bookmark!

You can also get it in pink!

Get it here.



Day 22

… and for the funky friend… how much fun would it be to have this decal places somewhere in your home!

Is it a secret staircase… or not…



Get it HERE