I have mentioned a time or two about my Uncle Gordon. This is my Dad’s younger brother and he has had a crazy year, a year in which we didn’t think he was going to see the end of! Uncle Gordon desperatly needed a new liver and for many different reasons it didn’t look like it was going to happen but when he was very close to the end of his darkest hour… a liver was found! His recovery has been nothing short of miraculous!! The toxins have left his blood stream and his eyes have regained their sparkle and his quick wit is back! The great news for us is that he is writing again!

So for Day 25.. the last day of my Christmas Countdown I give you:

The Plight Before Christmas! Written by my Uncle, Gordon Kirkland.


From the Back Cover
Combine 1 impending Christmas, 1 massive blizzard and 1 overly anxious ten-year-old boy. Add several holiday calamities and disasters. Garnish with laughter. Serve warm in award-winning author Gordon Kirkland’s tale of one magical holiday season.

Gordon Kirkland is the award-winning and best-selling author of six collections of humorous essays, and one other full-length novel. He is noted for creating quirky and endearing characters, and for his focus on the fun and foibles of everyday life.
You can find the entire collection at the Gordon Kirkland Book Store!
I can’t wait to read what he has in store for us next!