Dear Calgary

Dear Calgary,

I loved you before I knew you.

Something captured my imagination when I was a kid growing up in Ontario; when I moved to B.C. and drove through Calgary I knew one day I would be back, and just when I thought it wasn’t ever going to happen it did. My Calgary dream came true.

But.. it’s time to say Good Bye.

I take with me memories of amazing people with a phenomenal sense of community, a skyscape that looks like it belongs in a movie, and the joy of a spring day that bellows in on a Chinook, just days, sometimes hours after being blasted by a bitter prairie cold.

The shopping! Just a by product of a province that is booming. The energy of new ideas and spirit of success can be felt in Calgary with every crane in the downtown core and sprawling new mansion in a sea of already existing massive homes. Good bye to a mayor that can represent Calgary to the world with dignity and a sense of humour.

So many new friends, many I would like to have the time to get to know better and watch our friendships blossom into a place where the words “remember when..” mean something special.

I say good bye to your glorious sunshine, long days and big sky. Good bye to fabulous theatre, public art and world class restaurants. Good bye to places that filled my childhood imagination including Canadian Olympic Park, Spruce Meadows and Stampede.

It hurts my heart to say good bye.


With every good bye comes a hello… and my next hello is a very special one.

Good Bye