Day 1

On my 44th Birthday I competed at the National Powerlifting Championships.

It was a milestone in my life.

I crashed and burned. DQ’ed after the back squat after not getting the required depth. I am not even going to go into what happened, let’s just say on the bright side.. I have an amazing support system that managed to salvage the day for me and I left Vancouver disappointed, but not obliterated.

All the same… It wasn’t pretty.

Here’s the plan.

I have a year between Nationals. I invite you to follow my journey as I embrace middle age and my inner athlete. Not just a weekend warrior, but an elite national level power lifer. A future record holder and someone who trains to be a champion.

This is going to be a crazy intense year.  I didn’t grow up in athletics at all, I have always battled with weight and the first signs of menopause are starting. In my favour I have natural ability, a level maturity that helps with the mind set and an amazing team that at The Athlete Factory that absolutely believes that this is an achievable goal. Plus a husband that has agreed to support me in the challenges this year will bring. (BTW: He sells boats you can find out more about Captain Steve on his FB page)

What will this year bring? Will I meet my goals? Will those goals evolve and change? What will I look like both physically and mentally at this time next year?

I will update this blog every day. Length and subject will vary but I promise to keep you “in the loop.”

Here goes..  Thanks for joining me on this ride and my #Drivefor45