Harvey – Review!

Directed by Randy Leslie
Written by Mary Chase

Kelowna Actors Studio
October 7 – October 31st
Thursday – Sunday evenings with a Saturday Matinee
Tickets at the Ellis Box Office or online www.kelownaactorsstudio.com

Everyone needs a pooka!

I remember the first time I stumbled upon the movie “Harvey” starring Jimmy Stewart. It was on late, really late, and I think I was trying to finish a school project. I seem to recall wishing I had my own giant rabbit that might possess some academic skills that I did not. The first time I watched the movie it was out of the corner of my eye, it was that way the next couple of times I saw it as well.. either late at night as I was trying to avoid something else, or down with a cold. Even distracted you pick up on the lessons in the movie, so clear, so simple, so worth being taught time and time again!

What are those lessons? Well go see the play at Kelowna Actors Studio if you haven’t seen the movie and find out for yourself. It is totally worth it!

First off a couple highlights in the cast for me, Sarah McCall as Myrtle Mae did a wonderful job! (as a side note she also had great hair) If you are a regular at KAS you have seen Sarah in many roles, but I have to say that I think this one is my favourite. I’m not sure exactly what it is but she seems more comfortable on stage every time I see her and seems to be expanding her repertoire of characters she is comfortable with.

Semaj Gnol as Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet had me howling and also strangely enough reminded me of my Great Aunt Martha, but I don’t think Martha’s feet were quite as large. The scene that has Ethel cleaning between her toes was priceless!

Dorothy Dalba nailed the campy humor that was asked of her as Nurse Kelly. I am always impressed when timing is nailed so well on opening night and is only going to get better as the run continues.

Of course one man had very big shoes to fill and that was Ray Mordon as Elwood P. Dowd. Fill them he did. I stopped comparing him to Jimmy Stewart early in the play and enjoy his ease on stage and completely believable performance.

I agree with Director Randy Leslie notes when he says the world needs more “Harvey’s” and “Elwood’s!” I will be watching lamp posts for a Harvey to hop into my life.

This is a wonderful play, and I encourage you to get your tickets soon, because it will surely sell out as word travels of the wonderful job done by Kelowna Actors Studio yet again!