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My name is Susan Knight, and I like to chat.

Many know me as that voice on the radio with the crazy laugh. Now I am the voice. The voice of commercials, audiobooks, e-learning, training videos, and perhaps even that voice you hear when you are on hold. I would love to be your voice!

The Personal Stuff…​

I like to stay busy. Join me in my never ending adventures! I will blog, vlog, chat about, and post my experiences to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as I live life to the fullest! I believe that the key to surviving the tough times is to have a mind that is always ready to move forward, learn new things, and be willing to adapt.  How does this matter to my voice over work? I truly believe the more experiences you have, the more you have available to draw when being someones VOICE! 

The really personal stuff…

  • Birthday: Longer ago than you may think (it’s in March)
  • Eye colour: Funky – one has a birthmark so I have the illusion of two different coloured eyes.
  • Height: Not much
  • Pets: Two dogs
  • School: Many. (They kept asking me to leave!) Graduated from Fanshawe College in Radio Broadcasting
  • Sport: Cycling (road), Powerlifting, and wake surfing
  • Music: All of it. Especially if it’s loud and sing-a-long’able!
  • Love of my life: Steve