I failed… or did I?

I failed.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I am a powerlifter and I have been really working on my form, as we do the lifts over and over and over the proper form is beginning to stick. Much to my surprise I am even beginning to recognize when I am not using the proper form!

On the weekend I had a moment of total shock in the back squat rack.

I failed.

Weight on my back (235pd) down I went and…… I did not come back up.

A number of factors caused this to happen but to the great joy of my trainer (Michele Helmeczi) the main reason was that I recognized that I had lost my form and wasn’t able to correct it without the situation getting worse. So I (swore) and the bar was on the safety arms. After which I had to crawl out from underneath, very undignified!

I was frustrated.

It was a weight I could lift and have lifted before at The Athlete Factory where I train.

The difference was that I am learning how to lift with proper technique and form which will lead to a few things including; a future that includes a healthy and strong back, not always loading my quads to get something done, knee caps that remain happy, and the possibility of lifting more than I ever thought possible.

I have goals.

Big goals.

In order to meet those goals I need to be able to hold my form use proper technique and utilize brut force and determination. Right now I can lift more using pure force and determination, but (for maybe the first time) I understand if that spirit is applied with a foundation that is strong and tested I will go beyond anything I thought was possible when I started this journey.

You can see me put this form to the test at the “Calgary Festival of Strength” October 13th. I would love you to come out and cheer me on!

If you are a powerlifter and have concerns about what you are doing.. drop Michele and email at the link above and I am sure she can set up a training session with you or refer you to someone else that can help.

This is Romela Begaj of Albania after dropping the weights in her final attempt  at the clean and jerk in Women’s 58kg weightlifting competition at the London 2012 Summer Games.


In a show of great sportsmanship and postive attitute.. this is what she did after picking her self up and dusting herself off…

Thank you Romela for that. While I am just a powerlifter in a gym in Canada and you are an Olympic weighlifter of amazing ablity, in that moment, after that failed lift, I knew exactly what you were feeling.