I keep talking about finding my “style.”  I have gotten older, and my personality has shifted, yet I have a clearer vision of what that “style” might be. Pulling it from my mind and into my closet does seem to be an issue… These thoughts have been bouncing around in my brain for awhile.. and BOOM I see an invitation in my in box to the new Reebok Fithub that opened at CrossIron Mills. Obviously it wasn’t my gym wardrobe that needs the biggest overhaul, but it seems like a good place to start. I went, did some shopping and had fun, I even met Tommy Europe!


Tommy Europe!

Tommy Europe!

Reebok has embraced the latest fitness trends with these FitHubs including Dance/Zumba, yoga  and Crossfit. The colours are bold and workout attire no longer feels like the only place they belong is in a gym. They have shirts that fight stink (awesome if you layer) and the 4 way stretch is a good good thing. I usually avoid “fitness” wear from (rhymes with woo woo) as I am not a tiny girl and my sport (powerlifting) isn’t really about long and lean so I need work out wear that an athlete can wear which involves the shirts fitting comfortably over my biceps without looking like a tent on the rest of me. I found exactly that at the Reebok Fithub. The design of the fithubs are pretty cool, they look and feel like a gym and you are encouraged to “try before you buy” so you can take your potential new gear through it’s paces and make sure it will work for you. They even have free fitness classes and a community desk with different fitness information.

The staff have backgrounds in sport and can answer questions from an honest place of understanding, I had some tough questions about the “lifting” shoes and they hunted down the answers I needed.  Nothing is more impressive then someone who has the confidence to say, “I’m not sure, let me find out” and they do.

A couple SUPER cool things at the Fithub.

#1. The “Endless Aisle” if for some bizzare reasonthey don’t have what you are looking for in store you head over to the iPad station and shop the endless aisle and choose from an extended line not offered in stores.

#2.  “Your Reebok.”  You can design your own footwear! Customize colour combo’s of shoes, add names and slogans! Great idea for teams big or small. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to have the shoes shipped to the store, but the whole idea is off the charts on the cool meter!

Reebok Shopping Spree!

My only complaints…

#1. I love the crossfit line, but I don’t love crossfit so I would feel awkward wearing clothes with have crossfit written all over it.  (If you are a crossfit fan you will LOVE this line, really comfortable and super cute!)

#2. The tights just don’t work on someone with short legs who has large quads/hamstrings and a booty worth shakin’. (But finding tights for those legs is basically impossible anywhere.)



Website: Reebok.ca

Twitter: @ReebokCanada  #livewithfire

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