We all have something that we will pay a bit more money for; yes even you, the coupon clipping warehouse shopping thrifty person.  It is simple in my world. I will pay more for: SERVICE.  This is bad. Very, very, very, bad; because everything is affected by service from cars to candles.

I love to shop in boutiques and appreciate any extra attention that is sent my way in the process. Let me make one thing clear, I do not appreciate someone blowing smoke up my you know what! I want a honest response, albeit one that is gentle and well thought out. If I don’t get above and beyond service in a shop with higher prices I will be the first to let everyone know how much they stink and not to shop there.

I digress, back to today’s story. I knew I had to get glasses. I had my prescription in hand. EVERYONE told me to order online because I would save so much money. I did a little research and discovered a few things that confirmed my choice to consider buying in an actual store I can walk into and try them on, especially for my first pair.

I went to the usual suspects at the local mall. The service was crap. Come on, if I am going to be buying something in a fairly competitive market give me a reason to buy in your store!

Enter: Banker’sVision.
Enter: Up to 90% Off
Enter: Susan trying on a million frames

Seriously, it is so worth it to have someone spend the time with you to figure out what you need and want, and what is actually going to work on your face. Really we narrowed it down to a few pairs that represented; funky Susan, conservative Susan, sporty Susan, sexy Susan, and even leave me alone I have work to do Susan. I ended up with a pair that is a gentle blend of it all. I figured I am new to the world of glasses so to start safe.

Did I pay more than I would of online? Yes. Was it worth it? YES! The pair I ended up with is 360 degrees from what I thought I would get. Plus they are having a “Up to 90% off sale” at the moment that defiantly helped the pocketbook.

If you are considering new frames I urge you to consider popping into Banker’s Vision and don’t just poke around, talk to someone and figure out what you need and why you might consider getting frames at a store over online shopping.

I love feeling part of the community I live in, and I get that feeling with boutique shopping. If I want people to listen to me on the radio because it’s great to support local business over something like satellite radio, why would I shop at a place that wasn’t home grown?


These aren't mine, but it is what the frames will look like.

These aren’t mine, but it is what the frames will look like.

P.S. Bankers Vision had NO idea I was going to write this blog.. or that I could be a horrible fussy pants 🙂