Olympic Try ~ Archery

Move over Robbin Hood!

Archery is one of the wonderful memories I have from summer camp… the hot field, the target on the hay bale, the brusies on my arm and blisters on my fingers! I was never very good but I always found it fun and it ignited my imagination of times gone by!

I was very lucky that the wonderful Lindsay Struthers (and her wonderful husband!) took the time to teach me a few basics! Lindsay has been shooting since she was 3!

A couple things really stood out for me.

1. It is possible to do this and not get your arm brusied

2. Big chested women do need to wear a sports bra and adjust their stance.. trust me.. it can hurt and leave some interesting brusies.

3. This is a FULL family sport! All ablities can have fun together doing this!!

4. PERFECT date night. Not too expensive, fun and you can socialize while doing something together.

If you want more information I suggests visting The Calgary Archery Centre. They have an indoor range and for less than a movie night out you can spend hours flinging arrows! Also visit Calgary Archers!

Here is some more info on who we are sending to the summer games!

and… Here is info on how we might do!