She’s Back!

So moving to a new city and just trying to continue with life as if nothing major has happened, doesn’t really work. Who knew? Something had to give and it turned out it was my blog. The good news is that my break from blogging allowed me to get some “life” things done and reflect on what I wanted to do with this blog and how I wanted my “online” presence to look! I am really happy with my new webpage;thank you Simply Elaborate!

So what is going to be going on here?

The usually knight blather.. I am tackling some life change as I get closer to my 45th birthday so expected some blogs about that, the usually adventures from rides in aerobatic planes to scaling down large building, my life as a powerlifetr, fun in radio land, retail therapy, book recommendations and most likely the odd rant or two.. or three..

I do want to share with you some of the amazing blogs that I come across that seem to resonate with me. I will call this feature Best Blog! I am going to kick it off with two “Best Blogs” because I just couldn’t decide which one to share first.

Best Blog #1: 5 Things parents need to stop saying to non-parents. I could blog about this, but why when someone else has done a good job. The only one I would of added to the list would be, “You never truly understand love unil you have had a child.” Really? Thanks asshat, I guess I will never “truly” understand love, thanks for pointing that out.

Best Blog #2:  Is Being Really Lean Really Worth It?   As a powerlifter this really hit home.

I am going to do the best I can to update the blog at least once a week.. and hoping to usually average about 3. Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

Today I leave you with this cat video. You are only 30 seconds away from a chuckle…