So my husband tried to kill me last night!


Or just tried to make sure he would never have to make dinner again!

Last night Steve made a wonderful meal.. and I was up at 3AM paying it another visit, over and over and over again. I even called in sick to work! I can count on one hand how many times I have had to do that over the last couple of the years, but somethings don’t belong on the radio.. and the sound of me “ralphing” is one of them.

Once what ever had offended my body had left, and I slept for a couple of hours all was good. (So my husbands plot didn’t work!)

But at some point while curled on the bathroom floor, I think when I made Steve send Dan a message that I wouldn’t be in, I had to smile.


A thought came floating in, a lesson learned..

I made a joke about how lying on the bathroom floor was bringing back memories of being collage, but what it really brought memories back of was when I suddenly realized that no matter how much I loved moving out of my childhood home, there are times when having a parent in the house ROCKS!


You know that moment when you realize that you have no T.P. and no one to call for help? When all you need is someone to bring you a cup of tea and a pain killer, when you have attempted to move the refridgerator to paint the floor like you saw on HDTV but something has gone terrible wrong.. OK that last one might just be me.

But the point is..

We all have that moment when independence sucks.

Just a little..

What was your moment? That very 1st brief instance when you thought to yourself, I love being grown up.. but right now I WANT MY MOM/DAD!