Susan vs a Troll Doll

I promised a blog full of reality as I worked towards my health goals. Seriously, I appreciate all the healthy smiley people on fitness blogs but sometimes you just want to know you are not alone when it hurts, not alone when you have sweat in places you didn’t know could produce sweat, not alone when you wonder if you are going to be able to keep going!

The answer is; you are not alone, at the very least, you have moi!

Sweat face vs Troll

That sweaty face is only 20 minutes into a 60 meeting training session at Aspire Health and Performance, and as pointed out by a friend, does bear a resemblance to a troll doll. The comparison made me laugh, which I appreciated, and really that shade of blue hair might be fun one day.

If you are feeling out of place and uncomfortable in your journey, or the fear of that is holding you back, please understand that you are not alone. I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of people at the gym, climbing the mountain or doing any athletic thing have felt the exact same way. I hope that thought helps you get through the struggle. It does help me.

If you are keeping track of the food you are eating, always a good idea when getting on the right track health wise (the more data the better) I would suggest using an app, this one is simple and easy to use — > My Food Journal

Need any extra support? Feel free to leave a message below and we can work together to stay on track!


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