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Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown continues with fun gift ideas from both end of the budget! I LOVE this concept.. it’s art and it’s personal! DNA11 is a super cool company that takes your DNA, fingerprints or lip prints and turns it into art! Even better, it’s a Canadian company! How much fun would it be to stake out your side of the […]


Dear Calgary

Dear Calgary, I loved you before I knew you. Something captured my imagination when I was a kid growing up in Ontario; when I moved to B.C. and drove through Calgary I knew one day I would be back, and just when I thought it wasn’t ever going to happen it did. My Calgary dream came true. But.. it’s time […]


Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

Remember this? Last week on the “big show” we were talking about interesting people you meet at the most random times. When asked about the interesting people, most responded with celebrity encounters; but that’s not what I was taking about. I mean everyday seemingly average people that unexpectedly intrigued you. Just recently we had to have our Telus box replaced, since […]


Day 1

On my 44th Birthday I competed at the National Powerlifting Championships. It was a milestone in my life. I crashed and burned. DQ’ed after the back squat after not getting the required depth. I am not even going to go into what happened, let’s just say on the bright side.. I have an amazing support system that managed to salvage […]


Susan Knight Book Club

The Susan Knight Book Club continues to grow and we are having fun! We are hitting on a variety of genres and getting some people out of their reading comfort zones, and some people picking up a book again for the first time in years! Once a month (usually) we get together and are treating to wine, appies, prizes and […]


My sports need helmets.. this trend should probably stop.

If you start going through my room with all the sports stuff you notice something interesting, helmets. Different sizes, different colours, different weights, but all helmets. Next to the helmets is protective gear for every other body part. What does this tell you? Either that I am highly accident prone or a bit of an adrenaline junky.  The bad news, […]