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Holiday Hurray ~ Sharp objects, booze, arts and crafts.. Oh MY!!

Holiday Hurray Days 17, 18 & 19! Need a perfect hostess gift? This is it. If you bring this bottle of wine guarenteed who ever gets it won’t be scrtaching there heads wondering which guest brought which bottle of wine!  Yours will stand out! Winemakers notes: Ripe black cherry and raspberry aromas. Round upon entry in the mouth, excellent balance. […]


So perfect in thought and form it almost brings tears to my eyes…

Holiday Hurray continues after an awesome weekend! Did you get some holiday shopping done? Perhaps some Christmas lights up? It was the weekend of my company Christmas party… Oh.. the stories being told at work today! That is NOT something I can blog about! Instead we continue with our countdown!   Holiday Hurray Day #6 This little delight was sent […]