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Hurray for Holiday

Tardy to Sweet it’s Day 4 of Holiday Hurray!

Day 4 here we are… so what special holiday finds do I have for you?? Well, this is certainly “special!” I need some thoughts on these.. would you? Check these out.. and if you buy a pair you had better ROCK ’em and send me a picture!   This next treat is for my partner in radio Tarzan Dan Freeman. […]


Can you have comfy feet at a Christmas Party ~ Hell Yeah!!

Here we go.. Day 3 of my Holiday Hurray celebration!! BRILLIANCE!!! That’s what these are! The question is can we get them delivered before the Company Christmas party! Footzy Rolls! Let me know if you get them and how they stand up to a dance floor after a couple of drinks.   I love THIS!   DNA Art can do […]