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Workout Wednesday ~ Nothing but snow

Workout Wednesday  A new feature where we highlight some of the great things in the fitness industry and my training as I work towards being a competitive powerlifter again.  Did you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you had to shovel.. and shovel .. and shovel during what felt like a never ending snow storm? You are not alone […]


Christmas Countdown Hottest Gift of 2014

What Really?? I found out this weekend what gift has been selling out and has people scrambling to find for under the tree… I admit.. it’s a bit of a head shaker..   That is a “selfie stick” while I may mock the whole idea, it is pretty handy for group shots and other creative fun ideas. Plus if you […]


Dear Kelowna

Well hello Kelowna! I have waited almost a month to write this blog. I wanted to really settle in and try to find the right words. This move to Kelowna is a first for me. I can hear what some of you are thinking… Ummmm.. Susan, what do you mean.. you lived in Kelowna for almost 7 years.. you were […]


52NEW ~ Who really needs a toaster oven…

No toaster oven and you really don’t want to break out the frying pan… But you are craving a grill cheese sandwich. What is a girl to do?? After Ian Mackinnon posted this picture on facebook I had a plan! You guessed it.. I put it to the test! Here is how it worked out:


52NEW ~ Morning person no longer…

I didn’t expect to put my thesis to the test so soon. Here was post 1. Explaining what 52NEW was all about: Life can toss you curve balls on occasion, and those curve balls can sometimes clock you in the head and leave you on the ground and gasping for air. Not fun. That is when the “who” you are […]