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Susan Knight

In the name of the selfie

In light of all the mental health talk that is going around as people try to wrap their minds around the death of Robin Williams, I took stock of my own metal health to determine where I was standing and if I needed to reach out for some assistance. The list is fairly extensive but all in all I am doing pretty […]


Dear Kelowna

Well hello Kelowna! I have waited almost a month to write this blog. I wanted to really settle in and try to find the right words. This move to Kelowna is a first for me. I can hear what some of you are thinking… Ummmm.. Susan, what do you mean.. you lived in Kelowna for almost 7 years.. you were […]


If I kick off soon here is the wisdom I leave you with.

So I just finished reading a blog titled “My posthumous advice for my daughter,” it was funny and insightful! Give it a read if you get the chance. It did get me thinking, what advice would I leave? At which point I realized that my “daughter” is a dog and  my advice would be irrelevant unless it included how to […]


Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

Remember this? Last week on the “big show” we were talking about interesting people you meet at the most random times. When asked about the interesting people, most responded with celebrity encounters; but that’s not what I was taking about. I mean everyday seemingly average people that unexpectedly intrigued you. Just recently we had to have our Telus box replaced, since […]


She’s Back!

So moving to a new city and just trying to continue with life as if nothing major has happened, doesn’t really work. Who knew? Something had to give and it turned out it was my blog. The good news is that my break from blogging allowed me to get some “life” things done and reflect on what I wanted to […]


Day 1

On my 44th Birthday I competed at the National Powerlifting Championships. It was a milestone in my life. I crashed and burned. DQ’ed after the back squat after not getting the required depth. I am not even going to go into what happened, let’s just say on the bright side.. I have an amazing support system that managed to salvage […]


Fast, Healthy, and YUMMY! Yes Please!

I came across a recipe for wraps. It appeared pretty straight forward, brown rice, yam, black beans, salsa and avocado. Truthfully I didn’t hold out much hope for this to be a fabulous wrap.. but it fit my food requirements and seemed easy enough. Good News. Seriously AWESOME! Here are the specifics: 1.5 cups short grain brown rice 1/2 cup […]