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Swinging with the Stars

52NEW ~ Cha Cha SPLAT!

Astral Media has been a sponsor of “Swinging with the Stars” for the Kelowna Hospice for the past three years. Year one saw Andy and TJ from EZRock waltzing across the floor, year two Andy and TJ took over the role as MC and AM1150 host Phil Johnson entertained on the dance floor, this year Andy and TJ returned as […]


Good Will & Ego

  We have all heard the phrase, “Pay it forward.” Do something good for someone and help the love/goodness/joy/charity move forward. LOVE THIS CONCEPT! Here is where I think it gets derailed; When you tell someone to do it! Doing good things for other people is wonderful! Perhaps you plug a meter, buy someone a coffee, or help carry groceries […]