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Favourite Things 2014

Its become a bit of a tradition, leading up to Christmas I indulge and share with you some of my favourite gift ideas; yes, this was inspired by a slightly bigger celebrity than I.  This year when I post I am going to share 2 ideas on different ends of the budget spectrum. On the upper end of the budget, […]


Day 1 of the Christmas countdown!

Every year around this time I do a Christmas countdown featuring some of my favourite things! You can take them as gift ideas for someone who is tough to buy for.. or perhaps something for you! This year I start with a personal connection! I worked with Tarzan Dan Freeman in Kelowna for 6 years or so.. along with his […]


52NEW ~ Morning person no longer…

I didn’t expect to put my thesis to the test so soon. Here was post 1. Explaining what 52NEW was all about: Life can toss you curve balls on occasion, and those curve balls can sometimes clock you in the head and leave you on the ground and gasping for air. Not fun. That is when the “who” you are […]


Tardy to Sweet it’s Day 4 of Holiday Hurray!

Day 4 here we are… so what special holiday finds do I have for you?? Well, this is certainly “special!” I need some thoughts on these.. would you? Check these out.. and if you buy a pair you had better ROCK ’em and send me a picture!   This next treat is for my partner in radio Tarzan Dan Freeman. […]