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Turducken or bust!

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays!  While it has a lot of tradition associated with it the holiday feels more fluid without the same intense pressure of Christmas.  As a radio personality much of my adult life has been spent working this holiday and being surrounded by Thanksgiving orphans.  Wherever I was in life the door was always open […]


Turkey Tale

Turkey Time! Do you remember the first Thanksgiving dinner you put together? Like that first big job interview, a first date or first kiss, those first turkey attempts can be seared (or roasted) into your memory forever. The big bird has the ability to bring out the best, worst and feathered brain in us all. One of my most memorable […]


My newest favourite thing!!

LOVE THIS!! I really like new and fun ideas that bring people together as a “community” even people you don’t necessarily know that well! Hence why I enjoy Twitter and Facebook so much! Well.. combine the idea of a fun gift, with a sense of community and a dash of geocaching and this is just TOO COOL! I present to […]