Thank you!

1. Family and Friends.

My family and friends are spread from one end of the country to the other, but when push come to shove they are always there for me. Some I talk to almost every day,  others maybe once a year but life wouldn’t glow as bright without them!

2. Misty and Tink

I love our girls. These ladies keep me motivated, snuggle like no one else and welcome me home everyday like they haven’t seen me in years.

Gotta love sleeping dogs…

3. Socks

Warm, comfy, the perfect gift and you can get a pair for almost every holiday.

4. Curly Hair

It just makes life easier.

5. Nice Soap

Le Sigh. The ladies at Olive & Elle introduced me to  Pré de Provence soap. Just divine! My favourites… Lime vest, Green tea and Lemongrass

6. Blankets

Need to buy me a gift and don’t know what to do? Answer: blanket. Something about the snugglerificness of a blanket is just so awesome, plus as time goes on the blankets start to carry memories. The blanket that makes you feel better when you are sick, blankets that are perfect with a good book, blankets for a picnic, blankets that you wouldn’t let go when you were 3…

7. Michele Helmeczi and The Athlete Factory

I went in to the Athlete Factory when I first moved to Calgary. I told them my goals. They told me what they thought I could do. The bar was raised and they keep me motivated and on target. It’s pretty awesome.


Weeeeeeeeeeee! The weather drops and the hat goes on! Not only does it keep the heat in, but it also seems to add some sassiness into my day that I appreciate.

9. The View.

While a view will never be a big selling feature for me, I do find something very calming about looking out over the city. That feeling like you are sitting in a treehouse watching the world go by and nobody even knows you are watching.

10. Curosity

Life would be no fun without it.

11. A car

Escape. Adventure. Independence. I love all that it brings. (Even with the insurance costs)

12. Cowboy Boots.

I have had a love affair with cowboy boots since I was a preteen. I loved cowboy boots when cowboy boots weren’t cool. A good pair of boots can take you just about anywhere and keep you standing even when all you want to do is fall. Every girl should have a “go to” pair.

13. Age

Love mine.

14. Friends from different generations.

It keeps me young and holds my hand as I head into the future.

15. Management that belives in me.

Makes a difference.

16. Emergency personel.

EMS. Firefighters. Police. Coast Guard. Etc… Thanks for keeping us safe, even when we do something stupid.

17. Stars, the moon etc..

Something that makes you feel so small… but inspires your imagination to be so big!

18. Life in different provinces and cities.

Many of my friends have stuck close to home, even living just down the street from a childhood home. This is not something I understand, as much as I miss my family and would like to be close to my nieces and nephews as they grow older, moving away is such a gift. I truly believe that time away from family and friends forces you to become the person you are supposed to be.

19. Learning Disabilities

My brain doesn’t function the same as other peoples. Learn more — > here What it means is that I had to always find another way, I have made lots of left turns but have developed skills that other people don’t have because I have been forced to.

20. Skype

This technology has allowed me to continue to be part of everyday life even though I have always lived so far away.

21. God

I am horrified daily by what people do in the name of God. It doesn’t mean that I don’t believe, just that I have to walk my own path.

22. Sony Headphones.

They are silver, have great sound and don’t hurt my ears, considering what I do for a living you understand why it makes my thankful list.

23. Men from the past.

Do I forgive all of the wrong doings? Nope. Do I appreciate that I have become a better person, and wife because of lessons learned? Of course.

24. Crazy smelly pretty bath candle.

Barkley Butera Desert Jar candle = True Love

25. Music

26. Underground Heated Parking

I have lived in some very cold climates. I have lived in very cold climates without underground heated parking. It sucks. Plugging in the car, wiping the windshield, and sitting in freezing cold cars waiting for the air to blow warm…ugh.

27. Self Confidence

I mean real self confidence from deep within. I am a big believer in “fake it till you make it” but when the pieces start to come together it is a sensational feeling.

28. Horses

All it takes is a horse to snuffle into my hair and everything in that moment seems to be just right in the world.

29. Blue Tooth

With time zones and busy lives it can be hard to stay in touch even with all the forms of communications at our fingertips. My nifty little ear piece that allows me to easily move, drive and even do dishes while I catch up with friends and family is a gift from the heavens.

30. Art

Another persons talent and imagination can join us all together in conversation, debate, joy and sorrow. We try to buy one original piece a year and are collection includes a variety of mediums from photography to iron work and oils.

31. Positivity

Cup half full? Congratulations you make the world a better place and I thank you for it.

32. Listening to my inner voice that told me to move.

While I have moved around a fair amount in my radio life, no move has been easy. In every job I have had a variety of offers to move on, I have considered every offer, pondered the pro’s and cons but ultimately listen to that voice inside to say “NOW!” That voice has never failed me.

33. The most amazing top from Lord and Taylor

It’s merino wool, black with dolman sleeves. It flatters and makes me feel great. I can’t find anymore and it only came in one colour, but if I can ever duplicate it I will!

34. My birthmark in my eye

It’s cool. I love it 🙂

35. The perfect tiny round cast iron frying pan

Meal one of the day has brought me such joy since I brought it home.

36. Wake surfing

I surfed for 10 hours to help raise money for the dental clinic at KGM. What a great feeling! Wakesurfing is one of the few things in the world I can do that shuts off that chattering monkey in my head.

37. Epsom Salts

A gift to powerlifters world over.

38. Friends with skills

Everyone is good at something. I love that I have a group of friends that bring so much to the table.. it doesn’t matter if I have decide to learn how to knit or explore quantum physics, I have someone to turn to.

39. Trees

Help clean the air, give shade, a place for squirrels to play and people to hide. Trees rock.

40. Laughter

41.  Health

Hold on to it, fight for it, appreciate it.

42.  Harvest Table

It’s a family heirloom and has been travelling with me for the last 15 years. It’s old, beautiful and full of memories.

43. Solution Driven Life

Remember when you were told, “Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution.”  I am thankful for learning that, living that and knowing other people that try to do the same.


Thank you xx