This blog is the outcome of too many inspirational quotes posted on facebook and from reading too many cheesy motivational speaker blogs.

Where would the world be without dreamers? Follow your dream, that is the way to true happiness! Even Walt Disney said; “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Hey, I’m not going to mess with Walt, but are we talking about dreams or goals? Could they be the same thing?

NOPE. A dream and goal are different. Both are valuable and important to living life to it’s fullest and being a happy you. A goal has a plan, steps are being taken, and the process has begun. A dream is just that, a “dream” perhaps you could even call it a “wish” or a “hope” but it currently has no action attached to it. For that “dream” to happen it will require a small miracle or a broad stroke of luck because you sure aren’t doing anything to make it closer to reality for you or it flat out might be impossible.


WHAT NO! Say it isn’t so Susan!

How can you say a dream can be impossible..

Example: I would love to be 5’4 in flats without surgery.  This would involve dreaming the impossible dream.

Do I think you should stop dreaming? NO! There is more to life then setting up goals that you recognize as achievable with step by step planning. Dreams are the seed, the beginning, the hope for something more.

What I think you should do is stop whining. I have also had my share of pity parties, but when you hear the same people say over and over.. “It’s just a dream.. Sigh…” I want to climb on a soap box and deliver this message:

Make it a goal. If you can’t make it goal and this unfulfilled dream is pulling you down, let it go.

Life evolves and changes so will your dreams. Some become goals, goals that might even launch bigger dreams until they to become goals. Sometimes in the act of turning a dream into a goal you discover your “dream” is bigger or smaller or totally different than what you originally dreamt.

Example: I wanted to back squat 3 plates. I thought it looked bad ass on the bar and it would be over 300 lbs which seemed like an impossibility.  I let that “dream” percolate in the back of my head. I told my trainer, she told me it was doable. I nodded and said great, but wasn’t ready to move it from “dream” to “goal” at that point. As we trained it became apparent that it was goal material. As that fish bowl exploded other dreams took place of the one that became a goal. Currently on the cusp of a dream moving into goal is the 400lb backsquat.

As we grow into ourselves we discover we can be more than we ever originally thought possible. As a child I dreamt of riding at Spruce Meadows, accepting an Oscar and singing the blues that brought a crowd to their feet. These “dreams” didn’t happen for me, I still hold them dear but they grew and changed as I did. I have set records as a powerlifter, become a major market radio personality, and have owned a motorcycle and a boat. All part of my shifting dreams that became goals.

We can’t allow dreams to define who we are for the good or the bad.

What can define you is the effort you put into being the person you want to be.

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