Change rooms can be intimidating. Change rooms at a gym that trains elite athletes from a variety of different sports even more so. At The Athlete Factory I have shared the change room with swimmers, tennis players, figure skaters, golfers, yogi’s, rugby players and fitness models. Including this super sexy woman:

Meet Deanne Greff Wbff Pro



About the only thing our sports have in common is that we both lift weights. Her success comes from how her body is sculpted and looks to the judges. In my sport success comes from how much weight I lift and if I hit certain bench marks while doing it. What we have in common is that we both work very hard at what we are doing and make sacrifices to make it happen.

Let me show you another picture of this hottie:


Now picture standing in a change room.


With this woman standing next to you.

It happened.


Even better it was in front of a mirror.

Here is a quick reminder of what I look like:

Suddenly the most amazing thing happened. I looked up as we were chatting and saw us both in that mirror; no shame, no unease, no embarrassment. Yes I was larger and my breast are losing their fight with gravity, but my body is strong, my curves hit in the right spots and my posture is excellent. Plus my very sexy friend certainly didn’t care, she was enjoying having a friend to talk with about the cold weather and her work out that she was heading into.

I have been making a point of reinforcing my thoughts that we are a truly beautiful in our own way over the last year, and it has slowly graduated from “talking the talk” to “walking the walk.” I made small adjustments in my thinking. I was kinder to myself when I looked in the mirror. I made a point of expressing my discomfort at the hilarity people found making fun of how others appeared no matter how outrageous. I tried to keep “top of mind” that I am not aware of anyone’s physical appearance journey and the challenges they have faced.

These changes seem to be working. Will I continue to evolve to hit my goals both physically and emotionally. Yes. It isn’t that hard to stop speaking out loud in judgment, it is hard to stop thinking it.

Progress is being made; and such joy at hitting this moment in my emotional growth.