Wondering about getting your kids into soccer, hockey, or baseball?

Do it.

Not because you expect them to become great athletes, but because it will give them the basics of how to work in a team.

It’s not natural to be learning this at 50.

I think that is what has me on edge the most; not the fact that the 100K Tour de Victoria course seems to be uphill both ways, but that you ride it as a group working together to get it done as efficiently as possible. The thought that someone will be relying on me is terrifying. I can deal with my own physical short comings, but the thought that I might hold someone else back makes me itch.  

 Good news: The clinic I am doing with Trek Victoria is with a fantastic group of people and even with my screaming insecurities I am am having fun and find myself smiling and laughing more than trying to hide.