Turducken or bust!

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays! 

While it has a lot of tradition associated with it the holiday feels more fluid without the same intense pressure of Christmas.  As a radio personality much of my adult life has been spent working this holiday and being surrounded by Thanksgiving orphans.  Wherever I was in life the door was always open for anyone to join in the fun. I will never forget the turkey I made in Sudbury, I misjudged how big a bird we needed (for some reason I thought a turkey weighed more frozen ~ not my finest hour) I let it thaw as long as I could.. not realizing it was still so frozen that when I cleaned out the inside I couldn’t find the gizzards, I figured they just weren’t inside.. so I stuffed the bird and cooked it.. and when I took the stuffing out.. along with it came the bag of organs. I guess there had been a wall of ice blocking them in. Good news, the turkey was great and I have been left with a forever memory to share. I have many other stories from flaming potato guns, to malfunctioning deep friers and too much wine consumption.

The last couple years of Thanksgivings have been a touch low key. We have been going through a bunch of transition in our home and life which made our usual haphazard but fun Thanksgiving a little too haphazard for even us to handle.



We have decided to make it a drop in/open house this year.

Starting in the early afternoon our doors will be open with the raclette on and wine flowing. Dinner will be in the oven and our friends who are around when it is done will be welcome to join us. To honour the return of my Thanksgiving heart we decided to try something different. Roasting in the oven for dinner will be a Turducken!

The people from Echelon Foods came by the station so we could try one, and it was outstanding! I am pretty sure it’s the duck that keeps everything crazy moist and makes it taste just divine! Check this out:


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!