Workout Wednesday 

A new feature where we highlight some of the great things in the fitness industry and my training as I work towards being a competitive powerlifter again. 

Did you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you had to shovel.. and shovel .. and shovel during what felt like a never ending snow storm?

You are not alone and as the snow stopped and the temperature rose the shovelling continued!

Have you heard the term Heart Attack Snow? You might want to read more about it.. you can find a good article ~ HERE

For many (myself included) this was way more exercise in one sitting than had been done in awhile. Good on you for getting it done, but getting out of bed, doing up your shoes or sitting down might be a bit of chore for the next couple days as your muscles let out a collective O*&^GH^% at your behaviour.

Best plan for recovery besides the couch and an adult bevy.. pop a couple anti inflammatories and stretch.

I hate stretching. I truly do. I get bored and annoyed within seconds but truth is, it works.

I popped into Aspire Health and Performance where I have started my training to get back into powerlifting again to find 3 stretches to share with you that should make a difference.

Andrew LoCurto is my trainer, I asked him to demo 3 stretches that should do the trick.

I call this one: The Melting Snowman

This one: Andrew the Awkward Snow Angel

This one: The Snowball Thrust

Here is a great article with some solid tips on snow shovelling, which hopefully you will NOT need again this year in Kelowna.  HERE

I sure hope this helps!! Next Wednesday I will share with you how my training lead me to being trapped in a change room at The Bay in an incredibly embarrassing situation.

Seriously. Pure. Panic.

For more information on Andrew and the crew please click here: Aspire Health and Performance ~ Stop Working Out. Start training.