Here we are at December 16th. Today’s favourite thing is not something you can shop for. Today’s favourite thing is my husband, Steve Weckstrom! It is his 40th birthday so I am going to make a list of the 40 things that make Steve my ultimate favourite thing.

Steve smile

#1. His blue eyes

#2. His laugh. The harder Steve laughs the more it turns into this crazy snicker that gets everyone else laughing!

#3. The way animals big and small are drawn to him. The neighbour’s dog or a lion at the zoo, they all want to come and hang out with Steve.

#4. His love of shoes and sense of style.

#5. The way he loves my family.

#6. The way he pretends he is asleep, until he “lets one rip” and starts laughing.

#7. That he will wait to get up off the couch to do something until the dog that is sleeping in his lap wakes up and moves on.

#8. That his toenails are currently painted pink and blue.

#9. That he is comfortable in his faith.

#10. His incredible support of me as I get stronger and stronger powerlifting.

#11. The way he tucks in his shirt.

#12. When he talks about finding the perfect ear rings for me, only problem is that they are $3500.00 but he is determined one day they will be mine.

#13. His love of the accordion and bag pipes.

#14. How great he looks in a kilt and how much his Dad’s kilt means to him.

#15. His comfort and ability on the water, lake or ocean.

#16. When he decides to do something his amazing level of enthusiasm.

#17. His lack of attention to detail but his never ending effort to get better at it.

#18. That he let me take out his glass eye. (Once, he says never again)

#19. His open mind to consider new ideas and ways of looking at things.

#20. His musicality

#21. His constant collect of papers, twine, chain and screws.

#22. He can spot something interesting on the ground so fast! Money, jewellery and other assorted stuff.

#23. He can read my writing, spelling mistakes and all.

#24. He is an awesome employee who will always do his best to represent who he works for to its highest level.

#25. He rarely holds a grudge.

#26. He tells me I am beautiful. Almost every day.

#27. When I first met Steve he held me when I cried about my upcoming divorce.

#28. When he plans what to do with his future massive lottery winnings, charity is always included.

#29. He understands the power of an apology.

#30. His forearms and boxer hands

#31. His inner “old lady” who loves old fashion china and antiques.

#32. The way he teaches kids to drive a boat.

#33. He always knows where I am in a room.

#34. I always feel safe when he is near and he gives me courage to go farther then I ever thought I could.

#35. How excited he get when he bakes cookies or discovers a new scotch.

#36. His love for Christmas lights.

#37. Love of art and discovering new pieces.

#38. In a crowded room he can read my mind.

#39. Lying in bed chatting even when he really wants to sleep.. but I still have things to say.. so he lets me chat.

#40. That he makes a new friend wherever he goes.

Happy Birthday Steve, this list could just keep going and going… I love you xx