Dream ~ Earworm alert!

I love the creative spirit!

As much as I can be a bit of a hard ass when it comes to the difference between a “goal” and a “dream” I can certainly celebrate inspiration. Lisette Xavier is suppling that in droves in her latest song and video “Dream.”

Sometimes you need the one, two three punches.. you have to hear.. see.. and feel that other people are reaching for big things that perhaps not everyone else believe in. It can give you courage to go for it as well.

Lisette celebrated 3 different artists in her video for “Dream.”

Sean Priddle is the sculptor.

Laura Herrera is the painter.


Sarah Dolan is the dancer.

The  4th wonderful talent in the video is Lisette. While she purposefully did not include her self visually in the video.. she is still felt in  every second.

I will warn you right now this is one of those songs with a chorus that quickly turns into an ear worm.. I am still humming along!

Here is the video.. enjoy!