Drive for 45 ~ Day 8 & 9

I have been a sick all Easter weekend. I don’t get sick often so I am a major wimp when it does strike.. so I have been whining and sleeping the weekend away.

I did manage to get one important thing done! Meet my new running shoes! This time I am trying a pair of Brooks called Ghost 5.. a snazzy purple and teal blue.

Jump Higher Run Fasters!

It’s been awhile since my triathlon days and running clinics, cardio in any shape just isn’t my thing. I am pretty sure that whole “runner’s high” is actually an inside joke of runners that they keep spreading because they think it’s funny to watch us non runners clamor for it.

Running (or something that resembles it) is back in my plan to get me where I want to be for Nationals in 2014. Something very interesting happened in my search for proper runners..

When you are being properly fitted for new running shoes the person helping you is going to watch you walk and run.. and look at how you stand to figure out what kind of support you need. Do you deal with pronation or are you a supinator?  In the past I had issues with pronation, well it turns out with all my new strength that is no longer an issue and I can wear a neutral shoe! This is great for a few reasons, first and foremost it’s that my body is getting more balanced put more importantly.. I have a bigger selection of cuter shoes!