I promise

As I head towards my 45th birthday and strive to hit midlife with all my ducks in row; physically, emotionally and otherwise I have come to realize a few things.

Here is one of them.

“Before and After” pictures piss me off. Seriously. I find them demotivating and don’t really believe them. We all know that in print and TV commercials for the magic pills of ‘health’ the pictures are as close to fake as possible. Need proof? Check this out:

Yes there are exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking a “before and after” picture is either all ego or you are trying to sell me something. Now.. if you want to post a picture on your FB page or twitter feed because you look and feel great ~ Go for it! That can be motivating and a joy to see, I want to celebrate people in the now. While your massive body transformation is exciting there is just so much more to celebrate about that journey besides your pant size.