Thigh chafing blues. SOLUTION!

I am a sturdy girl. Not at my ideal weight yet and even if I was I would have thighs like tree trunks. I am a powerlifter and I am OK with this; BUT it does lead to some chafing issues. I do plan on still doing the odd triathlon and cardio is important from a health perspective, so I run and it can hurt and be embaressing as the shorts ride up and the thighs rub together.

Yes, there are other ways to get cardio, but running is the most convient way to get it done no matter where I am or what is goin on in my life.

I realized that I had to come up with a plan. My time on the tread mill was increasing but I was stopping early due to discomfort. I knew I ran longer when I was doing triathlons and my legs were bigger at the time, why was this not an issue then?

A-HA! Triathlon shorts!!! These shorts have a chamois in them for comfort while cycling, but they also have something sticky on the legs that keep the shorts down! (Lululemon shorts have this as well, but they never stay down they way “tri” shorts do.) The cycling pad is really just a light chamois so it isn’t noticable.

These are my favourites from 2XU.


Ladies I know it can be TOTALLY intimadating to walk into a store that specializes in clothes for athletes, but it is SO worth it!!! You can also order on line. I would suggests checking the return policy and if you can order a couple different sizes to find the perfect pair and return the ons you don’t want. Yes they are expensive, but again SOOOO worth it!

I am thrilled I pulled out the tri shorts again, it was an immdiate difference that added 10 minutes to my run time!