Time to “Cowboy Up!”

I have had a love affair with “western wear” that goes back years! One of the most exciting gifts I remember receiving as a kid was when my Grandma and Grandpa came home from a trip to Arizonia and had for me a pair of high heeled cowboy boots!!

Best. Gift. EVER.

Oddly enough they mysteriously disappeared, turns out my Mother wasn’t as enamoured with the boots as I was. As a matter of fact she was horrified.

When  I was a kid I was lucky enough to spend time on a farm, summer camps, riding lessons, and really anything else they would let me do. It was a farm with race horses and English riding lessons. Show jumping, Dressage, Eventing, and even Hunting (I never did get my pinks) from a “fashion” stand point this is a very different world.

Inside all I really wanted was cowboy boots and a hat..  chaps were also on that list.  Every show I ever did I made sure my riding boots were polished and I had my white shirt, jacket and breeches, but it never really felt “right,” I always felt like an impostor.

Finally the time has come, and I have a reason to “Cowboy up!”

Right off the top I have to say I am SO impressed with Lammle’s Western Wear and Tack. Truth be told I wondered if my rather ample bust line and shoulders would fit into some of those snazzy shirts, they carry sizes for EVERYONE! Not many stores can say that! I had wonderful services from Riley and Dee, they made me feel comfortable and had me smiling beginning to end! I walked out of the store with a shirt I love and a belt to go with my new buckle!  Plus the smell of tack brought back so many great memories!

I also spend some quality time at The Alberta Boot Company. What a great experience! Finally boots to call my own! They are PERFECT. I was worried because I am shorter and don’t have the most delicate of legs. I would be so disappointed if I struggled to find boots that would fit! They have sizes and widths for EVERYONE! Seriously, going to a place where they actually make the boots onsite is TOTALLY worth it. While I was there I also picked up a fabulous belt buckle that I love 🙂 I have a hunch I will be spending plenty of pay cheques in there! (Special note to anyone that buys me Christmas/Birthday gifts… add this place to the list!)

The only thing I am missing is a hat. My trip to SmithBilt has been put on hold until the budget allows! I promise I will have a hat before Stampede arrives…

Here is the finished look.. With a hat stolen from my husband