“I cook with wine; sometimes I even add it to the food.”
— W. C. Fields

52NEW ~ Week 4 ~ Fun with Wine, Corks and Improvised Tongs!

It has been a lot of fun the last 4 weeks on 52NEW! Challenges and lessons abound! This week I went for something that would just be a bunch of fun!

This weeks 52NEW is for my Dad, because if anyone in my family could do a magic trick, or find a funky new trick or kitchen gadget it’s my Dad. My Dad even has a gadget for making hard boiled eggs square so they are easy to stack.. I kid you not.

It looks like this:

Egg Cuber

But that is a story for another day.. I’m just giving you some background on where my interest in the silly comes from..

This weeks 52NEW will help you entertain the family this year at the Thanksgiving table! We will get the cork out a wine bottle without a corkscrew, get a cork that has been shoved into an empty wine bottle out, and learn about bottle tongs and how a small propane torch might come in handy for more than Creme Brulee this weekend as we make improvised “Bottle Tongs”!

I had some extra help as Andy and T.J from Sun FM’s sister station SILK FM came over to help, Erin Mammel is a friend who is also a nurse (good to have first aid handy) and of course my husband with the video camera.

There was a lot of laughter! Maybe someday I will share with you the out takes!

Tangible Lessons:

  • Synthetic corks don’t act the same as “real” cork.
  • Simple tricks can be a ton of fun
  • Stainless steel does not hold heat long enough to crack a wine bottle neck, but a coat hanger can!

Enjoy the video!