Every family has some crazy stories. In my family tales have been told of train robbers, pilots with islands named after them, and crazy sibling rivalry that would make your hair stand on end!

One of the gifts my family has is basically an official family story teller. My Uncle Gordon is a well know author with a series of wonderful books, most of which draw on his family life! You can check out his work —-> HERE  (Awesome Christmas gift for any readers in the family.)

Now on the other side of the family it’s the more traditional verbal passing down of stories. Do you remember the “Telephone Game” from when you were a kid? I’m pretty sure everyone’s family history is a version of that, including mine.

My sister was in gales of laughter on the phone recently when we were talking about the fact I have a birth mark in my eye. It’s cool and leads to many questions when people first get to know me. I was telling her how I loved the story that in the distant past a gate keepers son had run away with a gypsy princess and that the birthmark was in the eye of the oldest daughter of each generation to mark the gypsy magic that still runs in our family tree.

SILENCE on the phone… I was wondering if the cell phone connection had dropped. Followed by gales of laughter. Side splitting, tear inducing, stomach cramping, laughter.



She might have had a point. It was a story that I had told for so long I don’t even know anymore where it came from. I’m pretty sure it has it’s roots in some truth, but had twisted in a child’s mind who was known for a pretty solid imagination.

Sigh… I do still love that story.

You can see the birthmark, please excuse the lack of make up!

You can see the birthmark, please excuse the lack of make up!


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Does your family have any “tall tales?” Do you think they are true.. or have had some help?