It’s done!

I wakesurfed the entire length of Okanagan Lake. 135KM. WOW. What a day.

For more information on why I did this and what it’s all about –> CLICK HERE!

I learned a few things along the way.

1. I have an AMAZING husband and sensational friends! Sitting on a boat for 10 hours watching someone else surf requires a great attitude. Scott, Ian, Caycee and my darling Steve were supportive, kind and just wonderful from beginning to end!

2. That getting in and out of a wetsuit while wet in a portapotty isn’t easy.

3. That I don’t have “Moves like Jaggar”

4. That I really can surf, and like many things in life, I have learned, it just takes me a bit longer to warm up, but once I am there, I’m better than good.

5. I REALLY don’t enjoy water going up my nose.

6. I get VERY hypersensitive when tired. At one point anything could of made me cry from the beauty of the mountains, to the joy of having such wonderful friends on the boat. I also became very concerned that I was being terrible self indulgent and doing this for all the wrong reason… I got over that.

7. Saying a prayer while on a wakesurf board cruising down the lake makes you feel just a little closer to God.

8. Wakesurfing in water rough enough to have white caps is a LOT of work, but I can still throw in the rope.

9. I really want to learn how to do a “stall” on the board.

10. I finally get why you see surfers on big board standing straight up with arms down and there backs arched a bit so their belly sticks out.

11. The best thing, I learned that I can make a difference and I will make a difference in other people’s lives. That desire is part of who I am and it feels really good to “make something happen” because I believe it will help make positive change happen in someone’s life. It doesn’t matter to me if they know who made that change possible, it just matters that it is.

Big thank you to everyone who donated and special mention to Rayburns Marine World for use of a Mastercraft XStar to surf behind, The Spotted Spa for taking care of our dogs while we spend a day on the lake, Fresh Air Experience for my nutrition needs and advice, Cayzee in Motion for keeping my body in motion all day, Creative Healing for keeping me aligned,and Ryan Brown my Idol Fit trainer who believes in me and my athletic ability in a way I never have. It wouldn’t of been as amazing without you.

The count is at just over $2500.00 for The Dental Clinic at Kelowna Gospel Mission which is being supported by the 30K Club. To donate and find out more —-> CLICK HERE.