52NEW ~ It’s all about LOVE!

What isn’t to love about love?

I can feel the dirty look coming my way from some, and the hopeless romantics swooning!

The is week on 52NEW we talk heart, flowers and asking the big question; Will you marry me!

My job has plenty of cool perks including, concert tickets, sporting events, gala’s, meeting awesome people, and on occasion helping true love flourish!  SUN FM did a contest in which we offered the chance for some one to propose in front of a full house during 1st intermission at a Rockets hockey game.

Matt was up for the challenge! What made this truly special was that upon meeting Matt I realized that this was FAR away from anything that would be expected from Matt. Matt is a funny, sweet guy with a great smile and easy way.. but you got the feeling that grand gestures in front of thousands of people might not be his usual status quo.

Matt had to flat out lie to his girlfriend, he told her that he had a chance to win a trip to Mexico, but both of them would be on-ice during the Rockets game and she would be blindfolded and would have to find him on the ice!

Matt let the Dad’s in on the excitement and they helped make sure that another family event (sisters birthday party) was moved so everyone could join in the fun!

Fun it was.

Poor Matt was as white as the ice as his soon to be fiance was running around the ice blindfolded and searching for him.. the moment that blindfold came off and Sara saw him down on one knee.. magic happened.


I was there with a microphone, catching the moment and watching their special connection play out on front 6500 people, including the crying SUN FM promotions department, but inside in one brief moment I remembered the love that had been and was in my life.

From the first school yard crush, to my first french kiss at Camp Couchaching. From watching Scotty Myers play hockey and Nicky Taylor breaking my heart. From my Dad offering to beat up Lawrence for dumping me to Vince taking me out on the motorcycle (much to my Mother’s horror) From my first husbands drunk proposal to my current husbands surprise proposal and every other moment my heart skipped a beat or came to a full stop and broke.

In a single instant, as Matt waited for a “yes” from Sara my heart ran the marathon of love that it had lived up till this moment.
My life has been filled with so much love. Passionate, turbulent, nervous, gentle and all encompassing love.

My heart sang as Sara said yes and the crowd roared approval.

What an honour to be included in such a joyous moment!

52NEW on this Valentines week is a reminder that love can be cruel and love can be kind but it is up to us to embrace it and let it in to our life.

Thank you Matt and Sara, and congratulations as you continue down the road that love has paved for you.