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Surf4Smiles ~ 135KM for a great cause!

So tomorrow is the big day. What was I thinking? Answer: I was thinking a few things. This whole idea started because I wanted to celebrate my shift at SUN FM changing from just doing mornings in Kelowna to doing midays which is heard in Vernon, Kelowna and Penticton. The thing all these communities have in common, besides geography is […]


52NEW ~ Learn to pitch!

Perhaps “learn to pitch” might be a bit more than what I learned to do, but I did learn to throw a ball from a pitcher’s mound to the plate.  The question is could I do it in front of 2 ball teams and an audience. Total distance = 60 feet 6 inches! Here’s the deal. I am NOT a […]


52NEW ~ Powerlifting. Who would think I could pick up 270lbs?

On July 9th I participated in my very first Powerlifting Competition, it took place during the Okanagan Strength weekend being put on by Naturally Fit and Predator Barbell. I met some very nice and very strong people! Must of us are unaware that we have world, national and regional champions right here in the Okanagan.  I had the privilege to […]


52NEW ~ Susan vs the rowing machine!

Here’s the deal. I KNOW cardio is an important part of anyones work out plan no matter what the over all goal is. Let’s face it a strong heart is a good thing. Plus good cardio just comes in handy, walking the stairs at work, joining girls for a walk up Knox mountain, touring around Paris on foot, and running […]