Dear Body…

Dear Body,

Did I piss you off?

Perhaps it was years of smoking and pasta. Maybe I should of done all that stretching that I was told to do over the years.

Really do you need to be so grouchy?

Obviously the brain is part of you, so don’t you know what it’s thinking?

You know to the heart of every cell that I have decided beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am on the road to heath. I will have a strong body, a sexy body, a body that will be a foundation for whatever I decide to do.

I understand that I will naturally be better at some things than others but I will have the health to give what ever I want to do a shot and expect some degree of success. I will have a body that allows me to shop in whatever store I want to and find something that fits and looks great. I will be able to open the jar, help move the couch and even go for that impromptu hike or bike ride without wondering if I will be able to move tomorrow. I will reach the point where I instinctively make healthy choices when ordering from a menu when out for dinner, or even when I need “comfort” food after a bad day. I will discover that I can stop eating when I am full, that I can say no not only to dessert but also to mashed potatoes and not feel deprived for doing so. The food I eat will not be a validation of who I am or a emotional control tricker that in the process of being out of control somewhere in my brain seems to tell me that I am in control.

I will be the person at the gym, on the beach, in the boat, hiking up the mountain, on the dance floor, and walking down the street with a comfortable swagger that has been earned through hard work and personal introspection.

Self doubt, insecurity and a competitive nature will not stop me.

No more quick fixes, fad diets, ridiculous TV shows or wishful thinking.

Our time is now.

Body, If you could get with the program that would be lovely. I have surrounded myself with great people, a team of champions to help us reach our goal. So body.. could you please be a team player. It seems kicking your butt doesn’t seem to be working, so I have decided to ask nicely, with authority, but politely. GET WITH IT.


Susan xx

P.S. Body, you could do one more little thing for me, I know that I am past the typical years for growth, but if it isn’t too much trouble, one last growth spurt would be lovely, an extra 4 inches would make a world of difference. Thanks.