But not these flowers…

Very very very sad flowers...


I am blessed with so many people in my life that have wonderful ideas!

A dear friend of mine once explained how he keeps his wife in flowers.. and never forgets to send flowers on the specials days, and they have LOTS of special days! I am pretty sure his wife always has fresh flowers in a vase!

As my husband likes to point out; he’s making everyone else looks bad.

Maybe he is.. maybe the other fellows should ask how he is doing it.

I did, and it’s a pretty simple concept. He walked into a flower store, gave them a list of dates, his wife’s favourite flowers, a budget and a credit card.


If I was a flower store a customer like this would make me do hand stands in the street! I would treat him like gold and start a marketing campaign to spread the word to others that his could be done and it is down right BRILLIANT!

One small problem. He is on to his THIRD flower store. His THIRD!! I am shocked.

It seems that dates get forgotten, flowers are the wrong ones, and generally shoddy customer service. This can’t be that hard to do well, good grief if you assigned one “keener” a budget and said make this work I bet it could become a brisk business that you could potentially charge a premium for.

The trick would be of course doing it well. Which apparently no one is.

I have no idea how complex this idea is, I have never run a flower store, but I do know that it would do well if someone could figure out how to make it work, plus it would be a plan that sons would learn from Fathers and would be passed down through generations.. that HAS to be good for a flower store.. any store!!

The data base alone would be an amazing marketing tool!

Does anyone know of a flower store that is doing this.. and doing it well? Perhaps a bored software designer might consider putting together a program for this, and selling it to other flower stores!

Either way.. I really hope a flower store steps up to the plate so wonderful husbands like my friend can keep their spouses (and kids) in flowers!